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Solid information - without insulting the audience's intelligence - that's what you can expect from an Instant Insight production. Engaging professionals worldwide is the company's specialty.

Executive producer, founder, and president, Debra Vogler, creates and develops original video and audio programming. After building a 20-year career in engineering, Ms. Vogler turned her full attention to journalism and communications. Amassing experience in scriptwriting and hosting audio and video programming, Ms. Vogler is a seasoned editor and writer covering the semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaics, and nanotechnology industries.

Have a special interest you'd like to have considered for an episode of either Silicon Valley Weekend, or Curious Duck ©, or just want to be a sponsor...send us your request!

Debra Vogler, President of Instant Insight, Inc.

Debra Vogler
President, Instant Insight, Inc.