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Curious Duck®

Curious Duck®Take one comedian, plus one science teacher, and give them scientific apparatus with which to experiment, and you have the makings of Curious Duck ® - a funny, family-friendly science show that will get kids, parents, and grandparents engaged in science. As you watch the pilot episode, see if you can predict the outcome of the experiments. It takes a while to download, but the opening sequence is worth the wait. To start the fun, go to

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Episode 2: Exponential functions (Episode 2. Copyright © 2021, Instant Insight. All Rights Reserved.)


Silicon Valley WeekendSilicon Valley's what you do! Join host Debra Vogler for adventures in and around Silicon Valley -- the heart of technology innovation.

Latest Episode of Silicon Valley Weekend:

In the series debut, see how the suspension systems designed by Bruce Griggs, of Griggs Racing Products, give auto enthusiasts the ride of their lives on the track at Infineon Raceway. If you're into the technology behind cars built for the track, you won't want to miss this show.
Tech talk in the shop
Tech talk in the shop talk under the car...

...on the track, riders react.
Watch the latest episode now!

Other Productions

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